Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stay Young with Socialization

Chat, traveling, visiting to the home of relatives and friends are a variety of social activities that we usually do day-to-day. But for the oldies these activities is one of the important things that is done to maintain physical and mental health they are.

In fact, new research led by Dr. Aron Buchman from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago said that the oldies who do a little social activity will tend to experience more rapid decline in motoric function.

Research conducted during the 5 years of 906 Oldies with an average age of 80 showing that the oldies who have high social activity also has better motoric ability. They were tested by performing a series of physical tasks such as walking with straight, stand with one foot tiptoe, twirl a circle without a drop, and install the nails in the board.

Bunchman said that people in the age of 60, 70, and 80 years of walking more slowly than when they are aged 25 years. Their research shows the existence of this close relationship between social activities and motoric function, and a new insight for us on matters relating to the influence of aging and how to overcome this.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Benefit of Drinks Tea

Many reasons why people drink tea. If you have that habit, just continue. There are 8 benefits that are in one cup of tea.

1. Antioxidants in tea may protect the body from pollution and early aging.

2. Contain less caffeine. 1 / 8 cup of coffee contains 135 mg caffeine, while only 1 cup of tea contains 30-40 mg caffeine so it does not create headaches or trouble in sleeping.

3. Reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Tea making smooth blood circulation and clean it. Results of study in the Netherlands, people who drank 2-3 cups of black tea per day have less risk of heart attack than those that did not drink tea.

4. Strengthen bones. In fact not only calcium in the milk that make your bones strong, people who drink tea regularly have a bone mass more compact.

5. Whitening your teeth. Tea containing fluoride to dislodge tartar. Better if after brush your teeth you rinse with tea without sugar.

6. Prevent infection. Ingredient in tea can strengthen the immune system and prevent infection attack.

7. Overcome cancer. Substances called Polyphenols contained in tea can fight cancer.

8. Calorie-free. Without additional sweetener, sugar or milk, tea remains calorie free.

Tea is very good consumed for those who diet or maintain body weight. Try to consume green tea approximately 4 cups per day. It can burn more than 80 calories in the body. And remember better if without sugar.